Get a pulse check on your team’s well-being.

Measure the well-being of remote groups.

VibeCheq helps you keep a pulse on a remote group of people at scale through customizable and automated check-in emails sent out at the cadence of your choosing.

Gauge how your team is feeling as a whole and who needs to be reached out to personally.

Quickly identify overall sentiment and discern who needs individual help.

A dashboard of individual responses as well as basic analytics on overall sentiment allows you to glean insights and take action.

Send it to employees, a remote workforce, support communities, or even your friends and family to get a pulse check.

Like most of the world, we've found ourselves working from home instead of a collaborative office environment.

With a workforce instantly scattered all over the world, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of everyone's well-being and needs. We built VibeCheq to check in with our people on a regular basis, allowing us to easily prioritize who needs resources (from a phone call to better internet access) and in what order. And now you can benefit from this tool.

What does it cost?

VibeCheq is free to use. We built this tool for our own use but quickly realized others could benefit just as we did.

Can questions be customized?

Yes, limited customization is available - we currently support the customization of the email. Please reach out to us with details on what you're looking for in particular! Quick follow full-customization features are on the product roadmap - we'd love to hear your ideas on what would work best for your organization.

What is the maxmum number of users Vibecheq can support?

We are starting out with an email recipient limit of 100 contacts, but please do reach out to us with a request to support more and we’ll promptly change your account to an unlimited version.

Getting a sense of people's well-being shouldn't be difficult or obtrusive.

Simply add the names and email addresses of people you'd like to check in on, customize the email (if you’d like), set the frequency of check-ins, and let us handle the rest. Once responses start to come in you’ll be able to review on your dashboard.

a screenshot of the vibecheq dashboard

"I'm thrilled to use this at Originate, but also pretty happy to be able to re-appropriate the tool to my friends and fam."

- Jace Grebski, SVP of Product, Originate

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